Posted by Andrew Hayward May 17, 2012

Late last month, the stunning third entry in Jeremy "MAD" Madl's recent line of limited Mini MAD*L resin figures -- dubbed "Breaking Bad" for its blue crystal design -- came and went within moments of dropping on his webstore. Seems the producers of the television show that inspired its moniker missed out on the release, and reached out to MAD about getting their hands on the figures.

MAD responded in kind by having a "special batch 'cooked' up for them," according to his Facebook page, with just five pieces created solely for the producers. The second run -- which he says is "a few shades darker" than the original version -- will not be sold, though he did share this image of the new version. And in response to commenters saying they've struggled to obtain the Mini MAD*L figures released to date, MAD says "there's lots more coming."


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