Posted by Nick May 10, 2012

Ok I just made it back home from the Dudebox Launch in London tonight, and I have to say they set the standard for all future events held on these shores, and honestly I don't think anything will come close in the near future, except for maybe another Dudebox event!

I was already as giddy as a schoolgirl as I'd just been to Rough Trade to bag a doodle from Fafi (more on that tomorrow) but I really didn't know what to expect from the Dudebox launch, except from the messages i'd been getting from people already inside sweating profusely as the masses did battle to move around inside Village Underground. Once inside I got what they were on about, I damn sure picked a bad night to wear a thick denim shirt buttoned up to the neck. LOL

Anyway as promised, the Dudebox Launch was the stuff of dreams for us UK toy fans and was a grand affair indeed featuring giant customised toys, live painting from Pete Fowler, Conzo, Alfa & Mr Gauky. The Beer, Cocktails, Hotdogs, Sushi, Candy and Popcorn flowed while the slightly predictable DubStep soundtrack pumped over anything interesting you fancied trying to tell the person next to you. As a venue Village Underground is freaking huge and the place was rammed for Dudebox and its sister event in Secret Walls. I think the last massive event we had over here was the Kidrobot x Selfridges event, and in comparison that was a polite tea party.

Oh yeah and I haven't even mentioned the custom 'Dude' figures on display, or the range of forthcoming toys from Dudebox. But I will go into more detail on these tomorrow, so the many many photos are shared out a bit! Congrats to Dudebox, was a big night for them and for us to really see what they are about and they really pulled it off in style! Almost forgot to mention the massive Mark Gmehling mural on the outside of Village Underground. Stunning work!

More from me tomorrow, but in the meantime check out the Dudebox Store is now open featuring production pieces, clothing and curated customs. Def check that out! Bed Time!

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