Posted by Trustpigs May 31, 2012

Late last year saw the release of the "Suck Set," which was a "hand made and hand painted wood toy of the Sucklord made by Gary Ham." The figure was sold by Ham in an eBay auction which ended at an impressive $535, so it should come as no surprise that Ham is revisiting this evidently popular format with the "KoziKit."  This new piece, which we assume stands at roughly the same 7" height as it's predecessor, is "a wood toy homage to Frank Kozik" that Ham made specifically for the upcoming "They Came From The Streets II" group art show, hosted by Urban Vinyl Daily. The stylized Kozik wooden figure is done in a touching likeness of the man, complete with cigarette, Nike sneakers, plaid flannel shirt, and a couple of iconic touches (the "K" emblem on his forehead and the Anarchy symbol t-shirt). The accessories included are: a pair of Smorkin' toys (a Labbit & a Grenade), Kozik's trusty feline companion, a copy the Desperate Measures art book, a wrech (in reference to Kozik love of cars), a pile of money, a copy of Preston Blair's Animation book, a vinyl record, and one of Kozik's prints (for a Beastie Boys show, no less). There's no word on pricing, but the piece will be available online after the show opens.

The "They Came From The Streets 2" group show opens at 7PM on June 1st at UNHeardof, 323 W 4th St., Cincinnati, OH 45202. Other contributing artists, beside Ham, include: Frank Kozik, Scott Tolleson, DrilOne, Eyeone, 64 Colors, ValleyDweller, Steve Talkowski, Rsin, Lunartik, VISEone, Task One, Luke Cheuh, THARP, Nerviswr3k, Ian Ziobrowski, Abe Lincoln JR., Scribe & Alisa Ross, Squink, A Little Stranger, JFury, Jon Chase, JC Rivera, Maxx242, Chase Tafoya, Chris Brett, Dez Einswell, Terribly Odd, Jason Gallo, and Cache.


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