Posted by Andrew Hayward May 19, 2012

Illustrator Emma SanCartier has launched a Kickstarter campaign for her Ovok resin sculpture, a new extension of the oddFAUNA line of "creature drawings and sculptures that may be cute, savage, and even occasionally grotesque, but always have a sense of humor." SanCartier typically hand-casts the sculptures herself out of polymer clay and makes a mold out of silicone, which lets her cast the individual pieces before painting them by hand. She hopes that this Kickstarter will let her chart a new path forward for the Ovok.

"Getting funded through Kickstarter would allow me to take my business to the next level," explains SanCertier. "I will be able to hire a local mold-maker and caster to reproduce my sculptures for me, which would give me more time to work on painting creatures and sculpting new designs. Hiring someone to do this sort of manufacturing on a small scale and having it all done in the US is very expensive, but it is important to me to keep things as local as possible. I was lucky enough to find an artisan in the San Francisco Bay area who will be able to produce exactly what I'm looking for; a small, high-quality run of my original sculpture where I will be able to over-see the entire process."

Expectedly, the Kickstarter campaign offers a variety of rewards for backers, with a $50 pledge earning backers (assuming the project is successful) a white resin Ovok that's individually signed and numbered. Pledging $100 earns a white Ovok and a new oddFAUNA print on archival paper, while $150 brings a hand-painted Ovok in a collector's box, which is limited to 100 pieces. Bumping that up to $250 brings an Ovok painted in the color scheme of your choice, and even larger pledges bring the options for custom prints and custom-designed sculptures.

SanCartier is seeking $4000 total to fund the project, and after less than a day, $1175 has been pledged between 10 backers. Another 29 days remain on the project, so if the prospect of your very own Ovok sounds appealing, hit up the Kickstarter page now and back the project.


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