Posted by Erica May 03, 2012

Check out Lisa Rae Hansen's piece for the Heavy Metal Qee Show at The Forbidden Planet Megastore in London! Lisa is relatively new to the toy scene, but within the past year she has taken part in a handful of custom shows. She says she mainly makes character driven art, but her education background is in Applied Arts (Jewelry).

Her piece for the Heavy Metal Qee show goes by "Iron Maiden Plus Special Guest Mega Seth"

"This 8-inch Dog Qee has been customised into a Russian-Doll-inspired torture chamber.  Open the Iron Maiden's magnetic doors and entombed within you'll find MegaSeth, a 4-inch, original hand-sculpted toy, who's just possibly the worlds greatest Heavy Metal Guru.

Iron Maiden comes supplied with an A3 gloss poster to pin up alongside your prize rock memorabilia. "


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