Posted by Erica May 11, 2012

MIS-Fortune Cookies? I think that might be the most brilliant idea i have ever heard of! After a nice meal of Chinese food most people are excited to snap open that delicious tasting cooking and read their "fortune". Now imagine you and your best buds have just finished some Chinese cuisine, and when they go to crack their fortune cookie, they freeze, and read aloud, "The future predicts there will be much more of you. Maybe you don't need to eat this Cookie," Now tell me that wouldn't be awesome!

here is the background story:

"That's the struggle of the FortuChan Cookie Corporation, a family owned fortune cookie manufacturing business. For decades, Grandma and Grandpa Chan have worked to provide the best cookies possible, including Grandma's summoning of the "other side" and the spirit world to get the best fortunes for their customers.

Over the years the factory has become a welcome place for many spirits willing to divulge a little mystical information, but something has gone terribly wrong! Mischievous spirits have gotten loose and they are EFFING up all the cookie fortunes!

Oh, but dear customer, this is now to your advantage! For Grandpa has declared these limited cookie "misprints" to be rare collectors items, and YOU can have a piece of this special moment in FortuChan's history!"

If you are into this, click here and submit your pledge to their kickstarter campaign


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