Posted by Erica May 11, 2012

The M. Collective & OhNo!Doom are celebrating their newest collections of works from Tyler Coey, Matthew Ryan Sharp, Yosiell Lorenzo, and Brent Nolasco in their only 2012 Chicago exhibition. RELENTLESS is the first exhibition for the M. Collective as a whole, unified and under one roof. This exhibit will feature works in various mediums, dimensions and substrates.

"In 2009, artist Tyler Coey decided to band together a group of like minded, creative individuals. The formation of this group or collective as it is now known has flown under the radar.releasing a product here, unleashing some prints there and slowly creeping through the seedy underbelly of the contemporary art world. Each member of the collective has had their own personal success and being a member has just fueled the creative machine as a group."


 1800 N. Milwaukee

 Chicago IL 60647

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