Posted by Erica May 07, 2012

This past weekend saw the opening of the highly anticipated, My Little Pony Custom Group Show, at Toy Art Gallery. Over the past few weeks i have blogged a few artist submissions, including J*RYU, and Mikie Graham, of Blamo Toy's, but now I've got an photo recap of the show! The show featured 18" Vinyl Ponies, customized by 25 internationally known artist. The show also included a handful of original paintings.

In my opinion, some of these customs look like a container of rainbow sprinkles exploded, which i don't believe is a bad thing! Since 1983 My Little Pony has brought fun, friendship & joy to millions of kids of all ages around the globe, similar effect rainbow sprinkles has on children! Maybe i am just rambling, or being a dork, either way the show looks like it was a good time! Bravo to all of the artists, you rocked it!


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