Posted by Miranda May 30, 2012

Last night (Tue May 29th 2012) saw Ron English launch his American Depress Kidrobot black figure, at Kidrobot's flag ship store in Soho NY. In true Kidrobot signing style they closed the upstairs and decked it out in American Depress imagery and colors, including black and gold cupcakes, how could you go wrong? The first thing that struck me was the size of this figure. This one's a beast! A full 12" (and maybe more for the credit card back) of wall hanging vinyl, ABS and metal. What I mean by that is that this obese Mickey is vinyl, trapped in a metal trap and held on an ABS base.

The American Depress figure is limited to 200 pieces, all signed and numbered. Priced at $400 this figure isn't going to be for everyone, be it price or subject matter, but Kidrobot do need to be praised. For a long time they became to middle of the road, and their quality did slip, but in more recent times their quality has been spot on and their black series has seem them push more into the "art toy" arena. 

Ron's fans traveled near and far to support the cause and grab a doodle or a quick  picture. Overall great turn out and a great product! 


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