Posted by Erica May 01, 2012

As look out the window of Clutter Magazine HQ, I see.... rain...yuck! And can i just say, that i am SICK of this crappy weather, and i am ready for some summer sunshine! With that said, my day just got a bit warmer when i stumbled upon Shawnimal's latest Ninja of the Month! The Summer Ninja will be released Tomorrow May 2nd, just in time to ring in sunshine!

"A sunny disposition helps this ninja stay positive and friendly, except when danger is nearby. Then all bets are off, like a Summer thunderstorm rolling into the midwest!

This fair-weather Ninja celebrates everything that comes along with warm weather and sunshine, and utilizes those very things as delicious but deadly ninja weaponry! Popsicle-chucks, sprinkle spikes, and ice cream slicks are perfect choices for a whole new kind of snack attack..."


When you order this $30 product you get...

  • A handmade ~ 7" x 7" plush Ninja limited to 100 pcs.
  • Signed and numbered fancy hang tag
  • Special features – Flower sash and Popsicle-chucks!
  • A character sticker
  • A character button


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