Posted by Nick May 04, 2012

As you probably know by now, the UK's very own Designer Toy label Dudebox launches next Thursday (May 10th) so here's a few more details about the launch.

Next Thursday Dudebox are launching their brand and products at an event at Village Underground in Shoreditch. At the event there will be a custom show featuring custom figures designed by the likes of Alittlestranger, Chauskoskis, Conzo, Dan Leo, Fadeworks, Fark FK, Felt Mistress, Keith Poon, Map-Map, Okkle, Sergio Mancini, Squink and many more including myself as SourBones.

Also taking place at the event is the other half of Dudebox's creative brains in the shape of the global art event phenomena that is SecretWalls. Expect a fair few of Dudebox's artist roster to hail from these awesome events. We've had some sneaky shots of a massive 'Dude' figure being stored in London somewhere, so i'd expect him to be be covered from head to toe in ink by the end of the night!

Secret Walls features Team Monorex (Alfa & Mr Gauky) going up against Team Dudebox in the shape of Conzo and Pete Fowler.

The even also sees the release of the Big Bang. This is the debut mini-figure series of vinyl art collectables, featuring a blind-boxed assortment of 10 designs across the three different Dude shapes. Mini-figures are £6,95 and 8"  £34.95.

Look out for designs from Dudebox's current stable of artists featuring: Pete Fowler, Attaboy, Mark Gmehling, Jonny Wan, Yok, Travis Price, Hicks, Drunk Park, Conzo, Andreas Krapf, Niark1, Riccardo Bucchioni, Grapheart, Sebastien Pie, ALFA, Mike Friedrich, MR Gauky, Chauskoskis, Suki Bamboo, Junichi Tsuneoka. Alot of new names and new art to salivate over! I look forward to checking em out!

Event starts at 6.30 and runs till late. SecretWalls kicks of at 7.30


Coming soon from Dudebox

The Super Amazing Spectacular collection will be the second mini-figure series from Dudebox. Blind-boxed assortment of 10 different designs across the three Dude shapes, this collection is filled with eye-popping artistic brilliance.Mad, bad and Most Wanted is the third mini-figure blind-boxed assortment of collectables from Dudebox gets wicked with twisted beasts, evil villains and monsters from under your bed.

That's alot of blindboxed stuff, but mainly i want to get a proper look at the 8" designs. And I have to say as someone who's done a custom for the forthcoming show, the 'Dude' is a very nice hunk of vinyl to slap a design on.


Liking the look of what appear to be a Niark-1 Dude far Right.




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