Posted by specialK June 29, 2012

3DRetro & David Chung are set to debut Ghost Shyrmpee at SDCC 2012. Ghost glows in the dark and is served to you in a Ramen-like package. The phantom glow-in-the-dark Ghost Shrympee is limited to 100 pieces and will sell for $14.95. 

You can pick him up at the Frank Kozik booth ( #4734) at SDCC. David Chung will be at the booth the Saturday of SDCC at 1PM to sign his life away. 

I found the picture below on "The Chung!" website. It looks like he's planning a whole lotta Shrympee Flavors. 

Here is Shrympee's back story "For ages now, Shrympees have been regarded as a delicacy  sent from the gods that only royalty had the privilege of eating. To be handled or consumed by those who were unworthy was considered a crime punishable by death. 

Today, thousands of Shyrmpees have been plucked from the oceans and conveniently packaged so that YOU too can have a taste of its magnificent meat. Eat like a king and enjoy the taste of Shrympees in a variety of exciting flavors!! Ghost Shrympee will be available during SDCC 2012!! Get them now before they become extinct!"

Glow - in - the - dark sea food? It must have come out of the Gulf. That didn't stop her from enjoying the "magnificent meat". Should I not have said that? 


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