Posted by Miranda June 13, 2012

Yesterday (Tuesday 6/12/12), Chris Brown fever literally took over NYC's Toy Tokyo underground gallery. Not your usual toy release party, not your usual toy release crowd, and not your usual toy release! Chris Brown and Ron English have been collaborating on artistic ventures together since the release of Chris's last album, most recently launching the toy line "Dum English". Chris Brown is a long time toy collector, and is adorned in Tattoos from his favorite artists. When Ron was first approached by Chris... Chris proudly showing him his Ron English Tattoo... Ron and he had an instant connection, Ron had to, Chris was proudly displaying a tattoo of Ron's son Mars (Mars is featured at the model is many of Ron's Paintings). 

The mainly urban crowd that this event drew, stood in line, in the rain, waiting for even just a glimpse of Chris Brown. Some of them standing there since 7am! Girls were screaming, crying and shaking at the thought of being inches away from their crush Chris Brown. I would guess that 95% of the people that this event drew have no idea what designer vinyl toys are, or even care to find out, but its certain that they all went home with one to proudly display on their shelf.  "Get your credit cards out" said the security guards. "To get a signature you have to buy a toy! "

Taking Chris Brown out of the equation for a second, lets just discuss the toy, from a form and function point of view. As with all of Ron English's figures this is a well produced toy, it has its problems but we will get to those. The paint and printing is top notch, the feel is great and the size is a perfect 8". Its got a skull - and you can't really go wrong with that, but for me its missing the articulation in the visor, a visor that is too small to even cover the face. The main fail for this toy however, is my pet peeve, the top heavy design with a huge topple hazard. The cloud base is made from a soft vinyl material, this means that although for the first few hours, maybe even first few weeks, it hold up the figure perfectly, but over time with the many variables that will effect it it will start to collapse. Which is a huge shame. That being said I do like the design look forward to seeing where they take this series.

Overall the event was a crazy, and what ever your thoughts on Chris Brown may be, you cannot deny that at least it opened the door for some new collectors, and I welcome then with open arms. More photos here.

One of the highlights of the event was this crazy scene created by one overwhelmed fan, enjoy!

Chris Brown x Ron English signing @ Toy Tokyo from Clutter Magazine on Vimeo.


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