Posted by Miranda June 18, 2012

Singapore based creative collective MIghty Jaxx has just released news of their first Vinyl Toy production, "Hell Lotus". Designed by Clogtwo, and produced by Mighty Jaxx the figure will be available  in August. Released as a box set the figure will come with interchangeable parts, an signed limited edition print and a card of authenticity.  Standing at 8" tal and limited to 200 pieces, you can ore-order one now for $110 (approx) from here.


"Hel Legnor, once part of the Enlightened Ones, had devoted his lifetime to the dark arts of Stravius. Joining forces with Lord Richtof, Hel strikes fear into the bravest of men, conquering the universe, planet by planet. Banished by the Enlightened Ones, he is now feared as the unforgiving Hell Lotus"


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