Posted by specialK June 26, 2012

No, The Hungry Games is not the title of a hot dog eating competition, it is the title of an exhibit in Chicago by artist Jon Burgerman. Burgerman (the name seems fitting) has "decided to create his own, tiny, localized, sporting event"  Along with artworks and mascots created for the exhibition, Jon Burger-man has invented some "sporting activities" such as The Soda Pop Race, Vegetable Toss Off & Cheese Grating Racing. I think this can use a hot dog eating competition. Seriously, wouldn't you rather watch a 110 lb Japanese kid eat a ton of hot dogs then a bunch of hipsters grating cheese? Come on! 

This is how it works. You need to RSVP to participate in The Hungry Games. Each event will have its own sponsor who will be represented in the exhibition. "The Hungry Games, aims to satisfy the viewer in their desire for mascots, commercial tie-ins, collective experience and spectacle, whilst leaving them hungry for more."

The artwork surrounding the exhibition will include a series of paintings relating to the events and sponsors as well as referencing popular sporting events and slogans. And much like any other big sporting event, The Hungry Games will feature merchandise, multiple cut outs and medals designed by Jon Burgerman.


The Inauguration will be held on Saturday July 21, 2012 at 6pm sharp, The Opening Ceremonies will continue until 10:00pm and the show will be on display through August at Pawn Works 1050 N.Damen Ave. Chicago, Illinois.

I'll be in Coney Island that day

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