Posted by saki-waki June 08, 2012

A few days ago, my friend requested my company for a day trip to Jersey City. He informed me that Jon Burgerman, doodler extraordinaire, hosted an exhibition at Carmine's Pizza Factory over the weekend. Ah! Jon Burgerman's work usually brings a smile to my face, so I agreed to go along. 

When we reached our destination, we found an eclectic array of characters on paper plates, all pizza themed in more ways than one. The paper plates were priced at $25 a plate (or slice), and the larger works varied in the very low hundreds. I helped my buddy choose two slices, one of them being "spinach teeth" and they were packaged in pizza boxes. If you've been wanting to own a piece of Jon Burgerman's work, this is definitely the place to go obtain one. 


I would however, like to also note that Mr. Burgerman seemed to change his style up a bit in this series. Though his style is still very prominent in the work, each character was very one dimentional, unlike his previous works in which they seem to have no beginning or end. 




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