Posted by Trustpigs June 11, 2012

We previously revealed that Dragatomi would be releasing a blind boxed custom Android series during the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) at their booth (#4935) and we even showed the amazing piece J★RYU had done for the series, so now — taken from various artist Instagram feeds — we present several other probable additions to the set. Bear in mind that until Dragatomi officially announces this series, all these pieces are speculation; though they are what we deem to be rather safe bets. If all is still as we'd originally heard, each of the 50 blind boxes will cost $80 and be exclusively available to in-person buyers at SDCC.

Above are two custom Androids by JC Rivera and below are a glow-in-the-dark duo by valleyDweller. Both artists are most certainly in the series, as they each specifically indentify the pieces as such.

PodgyPanda's doodled upon Droid might not be part of the series, but he does denote is as for Dragatomi's SDCC booth. And finally the "Naked Waldgeist Android Man" pieces by Leecifer, which he confirms are for the blind boxed series.


Above is a more detailed front shot of one of the Leecifer customs, showing off the wonderful contents in the Android as well as the leaf beard. And below is a picture of the rear side of his customs…


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