Posted by Erica June 25, 2012

Ever since Ron English released his first Cereal Killer, Fat Tony, Designer Toy Collectors worldwide have been itching to get some Sugar Frosted Fat up in their breakfast bowl. First came the original colorway, limited to 500 pcs, which practically sold out in seconds! Swap out the original red neckerchief for a hot pink one, and substitute the original orange, for neon, and you've got the following colorway, The Flourescent Fat Tony, which also saw huge success.

With that said, in celebration of Ron's newly launched website,, there will be a Popaganda Exclusive Fat Tony, THE TEAL TONY! 


This Teal and purple colorway features a blue neckerchief and has 2 points of articulation, each one is personally signed by Ron, and comes direct from The Popaganda Studio. This limited Edition Cereal Killer is limited to 100 pcs, and will be available on Thursday (6/28/2012) at Noon EST, for just $99.99. 

I've got a feeling that these guys are going to be sold out faster than you can say "THEY'RE GR-R-ROOOOSS!", so if you just HAVE TO HAVE one of these, make sure to be by your computer at noon THIS THURSDAY! 


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