Posted by specialK June 10, 2012

Rampage has  a lot going on these days. He is doing another RAMPAGE x UAMOU and the wax prototypes for Rampage's Cyclops Dinosaur sofubi are finished... Lets take a look at the protoypes. 

First one is The Anklyo-clops - 

Then we have the dignified gentleman, Bronto-clops.

And here is the Elvis of  dinosaurs, The KIng himself, Waxy Rex! 

These Cyclops Dinosaur figures are in the prototype stage of sofubi production and they are making the molds right this very second. I'm anxious to see the finished products. 

In other Rampage news, there will be a RAMPAGE x UAMOU Part 2!

Rampage has done a few small runs of Uamous, some pantings, and Uamou has done some Ugly Unicorns in her Black-line on white sofubi style.  The promo image  shown above features a painting that Rampage and Uamou collaborated on . 

RAMPAGE x UAMOU Part 2 goes up live on Rampage's on line shop on June 15th, 11 AM JAPAN TIME. That means June 14th 10pm EST.  Set the alarm on your cell phone to remind you of the time!

I love the colors on these Uamous. The blue/green/gold guys on the right really make me happy , but the little guys that glow in the dark are just as cool. Ok, enough about me - YOU need to check out Rampage's  shop on June 15th 11am JAPAN TIME ! Remember, that is June 14th, 10 pm EST! Rampage has promised to post more pictures on his Flickr.


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