Posted by specialK June 26, 2012

Rampage is taking pre-orders for the first release of the Cyclops Dinos. This release is being sold for as a set of 3 figures - T-Clops, Anklyo-Clops, and Bronto-Clops - for $55.00.   The new Sofubi Dino Dudes are about 3" tall and are articulated in 2 or 3 places.  

This is a preorder for blank vinyl. The vinyl shown in the images are the first pulls from the mold.

You have 3 colors to play with - purple, green, & orange - and Rampage is offering mixed parts so you can mix it up & make it extra fun.

The pre-order will stay up for a week & the first painted release will be at the Dragatomi booth a SDCC. 

Check out the Rampage website for details on how to pre-order the Cyclops Dinos. 

But wait! There's more!

This Thursday (6/28/12) at 10pm EST Rampage will drop some RAMPAGE X SPLURRT Digglers. The run size is 15 & will be limited to 1 per person. They will sell for $60.00 each. I love them. Chase the glow-in-the-dark rainbow! 

Rampage has been busy! Don't for get to keep up with the Dinos & Digglers on the Rampage website. 


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