Posted by specialK June 28, 2012

Crazylabel is gearing up to release Ren 2 , designed by Bubi Au Yeung. Ren is so suave and adorable in his horizontal stripes and glasses. He's also toting a silver laptop to complete his look.

Ren 2's little friend GhostB comes along too. 

Ren 2 will be available for purchase July 5th - 8th at the Taipei Toy Festival and pre-order on Crazylabel's website starting July 9th with The edition size will be 300 peices in China & 500 internationally, with world wide availability in August.  His SRP is $39.95 & that's not bad! The little Dude is loaded ! 

Check out Ren 2 at the DKE booth #4728 at SDCC!




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