Posted by specialK June 07, 2012

TOY LORDS of CHINATOWN EPISODE 3 will blow your Suckadelic minds. It's been a year between episodes, but The Sucklord has come back with an epic 20 minute episode of "Toy Lords" and 2 classic figures to coincide with it's release. The first toy is the classic bootleg style Sucktrooper, one of The Super Sucklord's featured minions in the new episode. The Sucktrooper is a 3 3/4" tall resin figure in an 8" package. Only 70 Sucktroopers were made and they are selling for $75. 


The second figure is the re-release of the classic Sucklord 600 vinyl figure. This is a short run with a different colorway. 150, 5" vinyl, silver Sucklord 600s were made. The 13" package includes 8 points of articulation and 4 white accessories; boombox, cape, turntable backpack & blue lazer-sword. These are priced at $65. 


It seems as though both of these figures have sold out! Details can be found at The Super Suckstore

Lets talk about this action-packed, highly suckadelic video! Sucklord is another punk doing his thang!  I reckon I do love them there punk rockers. Anyway, enough of my infatuation with old punks,  lets get into the film. It's almost 20 minutes long & it will make you laugh, it will make you cry.  It will make you look deep within yourself and ask "who am I?"  

The Sucklord himself has this to say about Toy Lords of Chinatown 3 "Toy Lords of Chinatown 3 is the biggest thing we ever did, it's like almost 20 minutes long and from what the streets is saying, it's not terrible.".  

Check out promo stills, toy figures, and shots of the outrageous screening party at the Suckadelic's Flickr!

And here's Toy Lords of Chinatown Episode 3! 



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