Posted by Erica July 13, 2012

Clutter's very own Jim Crawford has been reporting all of the juicy details that SDCC 2012 has to offer! Yesterday saw the first day of the Con, and boy did Jim send us some awesome pics. Heres a quick photo recap of SDCC 2012 Day 1.

Jim started his day off by catching a cab with Jesse Hernandez. 

When they saw this... they knew they were in the right place. 

Gary Baseman's Tweetledee Tweetledum - Bait/Mind Style Booth

Gary Baseman? Or Bruce Dern? You tell me! 

Gay Enterprise -- notice the guy in the background, doing that "casual public nose pick" ... dude we know your diggin for gold in there!

Simone Legno -- @ Tokidoki, rocking his booth.

Patrick Lam --Mr Munky King, himself.

The Munky King Booth 

The Bait Booth

Fat Tony -- Bait Booth 

Kozik & Chuck Boy Signing -- Kidrobot Booth

Rotofugi/ Squibbles Ink Booth -- Look at these cool cats, We <3 Shawnimals. 

Mark Nagata Customs -- All Sold OUT ... HOT DAYUM

Jim receives free food and booze at the wired cafe, ahh the perks of being press. 

After lunch Jim visits The DKE Booth

In Jims words "The hottest shit ive seen so far" -- Super7 Booth

Ron English YO

Angry Woebots -- Silent Stage Booth

Squadt -- Rotofugi Booth

5:00 PM Thursday Evening and Annie Owens from High Fructose has had it! 

More coming soon!!!.............



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