Posted by Erica July 14, 2012

Well my friends, today i report to you all of the hottest details from SDCC 2012 Day 2, thanks to Jim Crawford. ENJOY! 

Mad Magazine Super Heroes


Close up shot

Holy Moly a Babea fett!! Hott DAYUM

Andrew Bell Signing @ Kid Robot Booth

Andrew Bell Dunny

Labbit exclusive Cyborg Labbit Excelsior Edition



Total recall.. Yes there are three. 

Jim Crawford and the lovely Julie B

Joe Ledbetter

Kozik Elvis


Baseman signing at bait

Krooked priest

TOUMA signing - Munky king

Super cooper -- The Designer Toy Wonder Kid !! 

Strangeco toys at the last gasp booth -- Jim Crawford says "Last Gasp has good taste" :)

Best Costumes of the day 

Brainwave cat ears -- Jim cant help but be obbsessed with this weirdness

Hot Dwarves arethe BEST

Evil Ink -- Hi Chonnye!

Jesus was a Zombie

Friday night and Jim's whippin out the chest hair. 

Jonathan cathey and Simone Legno


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