Posted by Miranda July 06, 2012

Our most favorite toy of the year the Ice Scream Man, has been put through the 'Honey I Shrunk the Kids' machine to become Bite Sized! Ohhh Yeeeahh! Standing at 2.5" or 3" (depending on the cone) these Blind Boxed beauties, are limited to 540 pieces in total. 

Completely hand casted by Mr Brutherford himself, in the good old US of A. The set features a guest appearance by Kevin Herdeman for one lucky winner who snags the golden ticket! Box artwork and additional production assistance from the fabulous Tamara Petrosino

Now i know for a fact that there are only a handful of these left, and with some awesome unannounced treats in there, you better run over and BUY SOME NOW! 

$15 per piece. 


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