Posted by specialK July 06, 2012

Camilla d'Erico & Munky King Gallery are hosting the first annual Tanpopo Art Exhibition & Design Contest. Artists and fans of Camilla's manga Tanpopo series submitted their own interpretations of Camilla's characters Tanpopo & Kuro. Contest winners will be announced by Camilla herself at Munky King's Tanpopo Artist's Reception on July 7th, from 7-10pm. 

Here are a few sneak peaks of some entries that I found on Camilla's blog.  The first one is a Kuro by Anichit Sasueng. 

Another version of Kuro, this time by Camilla fan Michael Manicus
Johnathan Pamminger's Zombied-up Tanpopo
This custom DIY Kuro by Ardabus Rubber was posted by Camilla d'Errico on her facebook page
Camilla says "I'm in a bit of a shock actually. I am overwhelmed by the response the show has gotten and to see Tampopo and Kuro interpreted artistically by so many other people is inspiring me even more." Camilla has created a new, original, full color oil painting for the show titled "Tanpopo Tear Dance." She documented her work in progress on her Tanpopo facebook page. Here is a close up of the finished "Tanpopo Tear Dance" . Check out the work in progress pictures here
Camilla & guest judge Linda Le will attend the July 7th reception to select winners for the Tanpopo Design Contest element of the show. Prizes include featuring the winning design in Tanpopo art prints, Tanpopo merchandise and newly released hardcover graphic novel, and Munky King shop credit! Nice! 

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