Posted by Erica July 30, 2012

Connecticut based contemporary artist Ted Mikulski will be giving away over 1,000 pieces of his original artwork on the streets of Manhattan starting August 1st 2012. This project will run through until August 10th. Each day at least 100 pieces of art will be given away in various parts of NYC. Ted will be approaching random people, offering them his work for free, no strings attached. All the pieces vary in size, and medium. Some on canvas, wood, vinyl, plastic and paper. 

The purpose of this project is to introduce visual art to people who may not consider themselves in the art world, or wouldn't normally consider visual art to be apart of their lives. 

There will also be a hide and seek aspect to the project, in which people will be able to search for the artist via Twitter (@TedMikulski) to try and receive their own piece of free art. The project is being filmed for a web-based documentary by Shay Motion Films.

Click here to learn more about this project. 


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