Posted by Erica July 12, 2012

Later this moth Zukies will be having a custom gallery show at  Toy Tokyo in NYC!

Artist Jasin Dollin has sent us over a video and some pics of his piece for the show. His piece is "Angry Blue Beaver w/ Logbox". Jason tells us that there is no real story to go along with this gnarly looking character. "He's just a pissed off beaver who likes beats, beers, babes and takes no shit! He's even got a ruby embedded in his tooth to remind him of his Rock'N'Roll days past. 

"Created with a Zukie platform base, Sculpey Ultra Lite clay, paint and markers. I used wood tongue depressors as a form for the tongue and tail to be built up on. The Logbox is made from a Lil'G Mini Boombox platform base, Sculpy Ultra Lite clay, paint and marker. Wood speaker grills made with actual wood with paint and marker."- says Dollin

This custom guy will be on sale and display at the Zukie show at Toy Tokyo Underground Gallery in NYC, July27th.


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