Posted by Erica July 11, 2012

Check out Monstrehero's latest collab with sofubi master REAL HEAD titled LEECHFACE. The Leechface figure is a RxH Adult-sized body with cast resin hands and a rotocast resin head, painted with none other than Monster Kolor

There are three different types available: one edition (the middle one) and two one-offs. 

"Since we don't have an official set-up spot at SDCC this year to release them we'll be doing it "twitter-tag guerilla" style. Make sure to follow @monstresean and @monstrecliff on Twitter and Instagram for location updates and if you're interested, we'll meet up! We've also got a bunch of resin goodies too, like our new Bloody Victim Heads and our Mini Monstres, all unique!"- says Monsrehero


Those not attending SDCC (and even those that are) should keep an eye out on throughout the week too...


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