Posted by Trustpigs July 05, 2012

Some of the Red Mutuca Studios members have banded together to make this Friday, July 6th a day to remember if you are a fan of the Most Wanted customs series. At 12 Noon PST, in their online shop, three of the Most Wanted Series 3 contributors and Red Mutuca members will be releasing AP copies of their pieces from the blind boxed custom Dunny series: Igor Ventura's "Pyromaniac Puppet," Luihz Unreal's "Gamerboy," and Sergio Mancini's "Paperboy." All pieces will cost only $50 more than a blind box of the series — meaning $150 each — with both Ventura and Unreals are limited to a single AP copy while Mancini's is an edition of 5. These Artist Proofs come in a signed box with the artist card and all accessories as included with the Most Wanted release editions… in fact, Ventura's "Pyromaniac Puppet" comes with a gasoline tank accessory that wasn't included with the normal release!

At 12:30PM PST in the shop, Ventra and Mancini get PWNED… by each other. The artists decided to craft one addition copy of their Most Wanted customs but left them purposefully faceless, so that the other one could complete it. These one-of-a-kind customs will be the ultimate addition to any collector's display case.

And finally, at 1PM PST in the shop, the pre-order release of the previously announced Superish blind boxed custom mini-series. It is our understanding that less than 40 blind boxes total will be available in this mini-series, so getting one of these limited pre-order number for the price of $130 is the only way to guarantee satisfaction.

Superish doesn't ship until September, though everything else is prepared to ship immediately.


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