Posted by Trustpigs July 09, 2012

Los Angeles-based artist Philip Lumbang was obsessed and inspired by cartoons as a child, which influenced his illustration style and lead to the creation of his "Awesome Bear" design. Lumbang's simplistic and iconic creation had three-dimensional life breathed into it by sculptor Chauskoskis and the prototype (shown here) will be displayed at Dragatomi's 2012 San Diego Comic-Con Booth #4935. It appears that Dragatomi will be releasing the figure in the future and, according to our friends at SpankyStokes, it stands approximately 6.5-inches-tall with 2 points of articulation. You can find out more by visiting the Dragatomi Booth on Saturday, July 14th from 4 to 5PM when Lumbang will be present.


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