Posted by specialK July 30, 2012

Artist Rich Pellegrino has created a beautiful representation of Alice from Alice in Wonderland.  The original painting is a 24x30 Acrylic Gouache on linen, and prints are available for purchase through 1xRUN.


1xRUN has this to say about the print. 

"We're excited to release this Alice In Wonderland themed print & offer the original of "Alice" by Rich Pellegrino on Monday - "I was drawn to the story of Alice In Wonderland story due to it's light and dark nature. I love the constant undertones of is she or is she not indeed mad, drugged, or if it is all actually real or imagined."

Alice was  the first piece created for Rich's  solo show “Resuscitatorum”. Rich says " I was drawn to the story of Alice in Wonderland story due to it’s light and dark nature. " Alice is available on 1xRUN  from July 30th  through August 5th. See details here. 


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