Posted by Miranda July 03, 2012

Toy Art Gallery is hosting a show not to be missed!! They have Teamed up with Japanese vinyl toy beasts Secret Base to give you "Japanese Devil" Opening on  July 7th!! This is the first time that Secret Base has exhibited on the West Coast so be prepared for some surprises! Hiddy (Secret Base) and Hiroshi & the Three Tides Tattoo crew will be in attendance.

The show will play host to:

- a Secret Base Retrospective from the collection of Carl Kent-Smith

- Debut of  â€œKarakasa Obake“, new toy designed by Hiroshi of THREE TIDES TATTOO and co-produced by Toy Art Gallery

- Exclusive Editions:

- Ganji-Obake Dog

- The Salvation Ink

- 1/1 Skull Head

- and more!

- Original Art and Limited Edition Prints by Hiroshi and Usugrow

- Exclusive Limited Edition Apparel

Exclusives will be available first come, first served to show attendees. Line tickets will be given out starting at 12 PM noon on Saturday, July 7th.

Exclusive merchandise will be available at starting Sunday, July 8th.

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