Posted by Trustpigs July 27, 2012

The UK-based artist Squink has been catching up on some Adventure Time recently, which inspired him to try his hand at customizing a 3-inch Dunny to resemble Finn (one of the protagonists from the cartoon). Given the apt title "Dedicated to Finn," Squink completely and brilliantly re-sculpted the form to suit the character, including crafting a beautiful sword accessory and non-removable backpack. The coloration lacks Squink's normal textured layering, but this is absolutely in-line with the look of the character when painted on his animation cels. The only real shame here is that there is only one of these pieces to satisfy Squink's rapidly growing fan-base.

The "Dedicated to Finn" custom Dunny is completely hand-painted with sculpted elements done in polymer clay, then finished with a coat of satin varnish. It is packaged in a ribbon tied signed gift box and will be released in Squink's online shop today (Friday, July 27th, 2012) at 3PM EST for £85 (approx. $133.50).


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