Posted by specialK July 02, 2012

Super 7 has a crazy amount of SDCC exclusives so I'm going to split them up into 2 blogs. Super 7 will be at booth #4729. I'm getting that out of the way so I can get down to za toys mutha fuckaz.

Ok first one up is Pocket Baseball Boy. Pocket Baseball Boy makes his debut in yellow with a orange spray belly & bright red stitching. He's wearing a black & white baseball cap and he looks pretty happy to be out of his tomb. He's 3" tall, made of fine Corinthian Japanese vinyl and created by Brian Flynn. 

Next guy up is Fossilla. I love the monsters, and I know Fossilla is a fossil, but i still would have liked to see some more color on him. Fossilla is cast in unpainted grey vinyl & theres a little story that explains why - "After an untimely meteor ended his rampage much too early, this deadly dino sunk deep into the Earth and was reborn in modern day as the unstoppable FOSSILLA! His flesh may have "crudely sloughed from his (now exposed) bones and metamorphosed to a disgusting oily goop, but somewhere in that slop are feet that have been waiting millions of years to stomp on buildings." Ok, that may be well & good, but I still would have liked some color. Fossilla stands at 9" and is articulated at the head, arms and legs. Fossilla also comes with an "anatomy lesson" backing card and was hatched from the brain of Joshua Herbolsheimer. 

Taoking is up next. Standing at 9" tall, Taoking features articulated outer arms, legs, and tail. This dude glows in the dark and is highlighted wth green, red and blue sprays with silver detailing. I like it! 

Guess who's next? It's Foster! I love Foster for some reason I can't put my finger on. Maybe it's because he's still smiling even with a huge chunk taken out of his head. Foster is a tasty new caramel coated vinyl with a vanilla sprayed center. Once again crafted from fine Japanese vinyl that has the blood of little children stirred in to make it that much more special for you. Designed by Brian Flynn. 

Who's next? Umm... it looks like MIlton ! Milton is wearing Rainbow Sherbet and hopes to see world peace in his life time. His measurements are 3" and he comes in illustrated header card packaging. Ladies and gentleman please give Rainbow Sherbet Milton a round of applause!

Ok, next we have PUMPKIN BOY! The Jack-o-Lantern version of Mummy Boy returns in Skulletor colors. Now THAT's a mashup! Cast in sky blue vinyl with dark blue, red, yellow-green & purple sprays, Pumkin Boy stands at 6" and is jointed at the neck and arm. Again, from the mind of Brian Flynn. 

We're going to wrap up Part 1 with Zombiefighter. Ah, Zombiefighter! Super 7 x Secret Base. Deep swirled red vinyl with black, green, yellow and grey sprays, Zombiefighter stands just shy of 6". 

Stay tuned to Super 7 Part 2, coming up as soon as I finish my coffee. Remember Super 7 will be at booth #4729.


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