Posted by specialK July 03, 2012

Coffee was good and now I'm back. We're opening the second half  of Super 7's SDCC exclusives with Chocolate Racer Rose Vampire Casket Cruiser. Say that 10x fast. The rose head is cast in yellow with the coffin racer in brown with red, green & blue sprays & the metallic gold detailing looks great on the handles and headlights. Our blooming bloodsucker is 4" long with free rolling wheels.

The last six are all from "The Monster Family". Here's what Super 7 has to say about the series. "A collaborative project between Super 7 and our favorite artist friends, the MONSTER FAMILY is a collection of diverse creatures, from the cute to the creepy. Each figure stands approximately 4" and is made from high quality Japanese vinyl. A mystery ticket is hidden at random in one SDCC 2012 MONSTER FAMILY figure - find it and redeem for a one-of-a-kind mash up toy! Could it be in one of the following six toys?"

Ok, first up is Bwanna Spoons' character "Frederick The Beetle". Freddy boy is all glammed out in his pink vinyl & silver glitter, Looking good ova there! Eh, maybe I've changed my mind. However, I do like the colorway. 

Our next contestant is "Hollis Turd". Combo of Hollis' head & Le Turd's body. Not much else to say. 

Here we have the lovely "Honoo" in translucent pink! Only Honoo can pull off pink AND evil. I love the white eyes and blue tummy.  

We still have 3 more to go! Remember all of these figures are SDCC 2012 exclusives! 

Our next player is "Leroy C.". Monsters are my fav & I'm a little sweet on Leroy C. He's cute & I love the colors. I guess technically Leroy C. is a dinosaur, but he's got fangs so he looks monstrous to me. You decide - 

Here we have "Little Prick." Dude is a glow in the dark cactus wearing underwear. Eh, but he's cute & he glows in the dark so he gets a thumbs up. The green spray looks good on him. 

Our final Super 7 SDCC 2012 exclusive of the day is "Power Mister". I like him. He's got a twisted grin on his face and I'm sure he has the ability to freak some pothead  out. I'm going to take "Power Mister" to Humboldt county and wreak havoc! Picture this, you come stumbling in at whatever time in the morning, and as soon as you fall into your bed you catch "Power Mister" staring at your intoxicated ass. Now you have to get up out of bed, take him down off of the shelf (He's staring at you. Why can't he stop staring at you?!? ), and step on the cat before you pass out. Out of all of these Super 7 SDCC exclusives, POWER MISTER is my favorite! 

Remember you can find these Super 7 SDCC Exclusives at the Super 7 booth #4729. 


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