Posted by Trustpigs July 13, 2012

During the hectic schedule of the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con, our own Jim Crawford was at Super7's Booth #4729 to witness the announcement of a brand new line from brand: ReAction Figures. ReAction, which stands for Retro Action, will focus on releasing 3¾" figures stylized after the "Golden Age" of the blister card backed toys: T-shaped waists, five simple points of articulation, and accessories.

For the initial outing of this new line, Super7 have uncovered the previously "lost" prototypes made 33 years ago for the abandoned action figure series based on the original Alien film. Having acquired the official authorization from 20th Century Fox, included in the Alien series will be: Ripley, Ash, Dallas, Kane in Nostromo Suit, and the Alien itself.

Super7 also promises that other merchandise based on Alien and Aliens will also be released, including Designer Vinyl figures and even Glassware made to resemble the classic "Fast Food" style.

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