Posted by Erica July 26, 2012

Taxidermy is making a comeback! (incase you hadn't noticed).  Recently I have started noticing various taxidermy pieces making appearances in "hip" places, such as boutiques, bars, coffee shops etc. For me, I have always associated taxidermy with old people, grandparents and of course hunters. As a kid there was nothing more creepy to me then being at my grandparents house, staring at a stuffed deer wearing a baseball cap, mounted up on the wall. But now, its all the rage amongst the hipsters of America, and the world. 

Being an animal lover, I cant say that i would ever own a REAL stuffed deer, or any animal for that matter, but White Faux Taxidermy gives people, like me, a chance to own a piece of Taxidermy inspired home decor, without the trouble of killing an animal, or walking into a creepy ass taxidermy shop.

"Our love for animals, chic and trendy design, and all things white gave birth to "White Faux Taxidermy." White Faux Taxidermy is inspired by resin cast animals, however, we work with a variety of materials. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our products." - White Fur Taxidermy

Their most popular piece is the all white Deer, but they also replicate other animals such as, the moose, elephant wolf, lion, tiger, bear, bison, and dinosaur! They use various materials to create the animals such as resin, plastic, metal, foam, cardboard and glitter.. yes GLITTER. 

Go visit their etsy store to purchase one of their awesome pieces for your place! 

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