Posted by Miranda August 08, 2012

Coming this Fall from Dark Horse Horror, is a new comic title "Colder. Written by Paul Tobin  with art by Juan Ferreyra, the pair have previously collaborated on well known comic "Falling Skies". I don't usually post too much about comics anymore, I'm out of the loop, but the cover art for this comic caught my eye so much that I really just wanted to post it here. It's so well executed that I can't stop staring at it. 

"Colder" will be on sale from Nov 7th 2012 so keep an eye out. 

"Declan Thomas’s body temperature is dropping. He never gets sick, never feels pain. An ex-inmate of an insane asylum that was destroyed in a fire, he has the strange ability to step inside a person’s madness and sometimes cure it. He hopes to one day cure his own, but time is running out, because when his temperature reaches zero . . . it’s over."


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