Posted by Nick August 20, 2012

An awesome weekend was had by everyone who made the trip over to The SHO Gallery in Cardiff for the Dragons Custom Show organised and curated by Andy Kelly aka Zombiekel.

For the first time in a hell of a long time the UK weather actually delivered and the sun refused to disappear on what turned out to be an uncomfortably swealtering summers day. Artists who'd made the journey down to Cardiff for opening night included Jon Paul Kaiser, Ume Toys, Alittlestranger, Pete Fowler, Planet Domu, Blue Frog, Lady Lauren Loves, Podgy Panda, Run DMB, Taylored Curiosities and of course myself, along with Cardiffians Mark James and Pete Fowler. Everyone was in a great mood and in fine form - it's rare that a UK show pulls together this much talent - even more impressive when it's held outside London (the fact it was at a weekend and not a Thursday helped!)

There were about 50 customs on show, and the quality of work speaks for itself. If I had to pick a few to highlight as being my favourites I think i'd have to go for Mr Lister's piece below along with PJ Constable, Squink, Robotic Industries, Lisa Rae Hanson, Lady Lauren Loves and of course Pete Fowlers. Great work!

The customs that haven't already been sold go on sale later today at 8pm UK time, that's 3pm EST. So good luck grabbing one - and remember a huge chunk of your money is going towards charity in the form of Diabetes UK.

Congrats again to Andy and The Sho Gallery for putting on such an awesome show. Massive thanks to everyone who made it down and made it a hell of a night to remember, or one that at least won't be forgotten easily ;)



oh yeah and mine...


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