Posted by Trustpigs August 23, 2012

Fuei Shokai debuted on the scene last year during Super Festival 57, introducing the world to the Slender Man sofubi figure. The 6.5-inch design proved controversial, as the opaque form split in two at the waist revealing a real human tooth rattling around inside. This self-produced soft Japanese vinyl piece was quickly followed by the Erlkoenig version, which included a cloth cape, a 'mask' created out of badger bones and, once again, a human tooth was enclosed within the torso. For the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con, an extremely small Kage Edition of 9 copies was created in transparent sofubi with red and black sprays decorating the form… and the human tooth was still present, though it was now locked inside the Slender Man's head. And, finally, a more widely produced edition has been made available, cast in the transparent vinyl with blood red splatters on it and that human tooth right where his skull should be… But who is Slender Man?

A nightmare given form, an urban legend who targets children, a creature invisible to adults who steals away with children into the foggy night. And while the whereabouts of the "real" Slender Man are currently unknown, you can buy this brilliant adaptation of him for $55 from your favorite Designer Toy retailer (who can procure it for you from DKE Toys).


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