Posted by Nick August 22, 2012

Finally Rockstar Games has something more to reveal about their most anticipated game ever, Grand Theft Auto 5. OK so they haven't exactly said something like who the main character is or given the game a release date but we do have 6 new screenshots showing the glorious visuals of the game world and teasing potential vehicles.

So above we have shot number 1 showing off a cyclist, even looks like being a road bike with the rider all lycra clad - bicycles were something i was sad to see disappear in GTA4 after having had several different types available in GTA: San Andreas. Also in the background we see something that looks alot like Santa Monica Pier, of course we know that GTA V will be set in the fictional location of Los Santos, based loosely on LA.

Below is a shot of the much beloved 'Cheetah' sports car, present in all the games I think and always one of the fastest vehicles - obviously based on high end sports cars like Ferrari's/Lamboughini's.

Below - looks like we're gonna be able to fly planes again, planes with a shitload of missiles that is! If you zoom in on this image you can also see that there is a guy wearing a suit piloting this, the same guy from the original trailer who is rumored to be an older version of Vice City's Tommy Vercetti.

Below - with air travel comes parachutes, again something that was present in GTA San Andreas and getting a much appreciated return.

Below - Mini games have always been there in the last few GTA games, whether that's playing pool, darts, poker or going to the gym I think including an actual engine to play tennis might be an extreme, but at least it gives you an idea of the kind of home you'll be aspiring to own in the game.

Below - dirt bikes! wicked



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