Posted by specialK August 09, 2012

To celebrate Insa's 900 sq. ft mural he completed in LA, Insa & Lala arts have printed up 7 color, spot varnish, candy metallic flake, limited edition prints. Entitled "LA Heel Prints". Here is a photo of the mural on which the prints are based. 

The paper measures 78cm x 78cm  & the printed area is 66cm x 66cm. Each one is signed, stamped & comes with a certificate of authentication. 

"LA Heel Prints" come in 3 finishes - Black Magic, Ruby Red & Silver Galaxy. 

Black Magic is an edition of 20, & is selling for $250 while Ruby Red is also a run of 20 but sells for $300. 

Silver Galaxy has a limited edition of 5 & is selling for $500. 

Here are some more details - The prints were created by "Master Printer" Lino Martinez & the feature a 7 color split fountain gradient. NovaColor gloss Spot Varnish, fine corinthian metal flake from 'Big Mike' & they were produced on 320 GSM Coventry Paper. Well, there you go. 

For more information & booty pictures check out Insa's blog, Insaland


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