Posted by Erica August 06, 2012

Dudebox has teamed up with your own Clutter Magazine to offer this very cool combo of new Dudebox products - at a screaming deal to boot! Available only through Dudebox and Clutter, the Mo Money Bunny Collection features both sizes of the Mo Money Dude plus a hiqh quality T-shirt featuring the design. Details here - available for a limited time only!

The Mo Money Bunny design features Dudebox's signature new character - the Dude. Created as a platform toy, this particular combo pack is doubly special because the designer of the Dude platform - Mark Gmehling - also created the Mo Money variant. Get the figure, created and designed by the artist himself!

The Combo Collection features a Big (8-inch) Mo Money Dude, a mini (3 inch) Dude and a special hiqh quality T-shirt. A £72 value for just £47.50 Holy $¥¢€ - that's an amazing deal!... for the currency converter impaired, that's a $110 value for about 70 bucks.

The Clutter Pack is made up of:

1 x Big Dude Mo Money Bunny 7.5 inch art toy

1 x mini Dude Mo Money Bunny 3 inch art toy

1 x Mo Money Tshirt (you choose the size)

Mark Gmehling is a German Street artist known for his precise spray can interpretations of his 3D character designs.

Amongst his endeavours are the 'In Style We Trust' mural for the Dudebox launch party, participation at Moniker Art Fair and the Pictoplasma Festival. He has painted walls across Europe with his unique style and FTN (Fuck The Norm) sign off.

The Dudebox - Clutter Mo Money Collection Pack is available for a short time only... go get it while you can!


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