Posted by Trustpigs August 03, 2012

Fantastically stark and minimalist artist Jon-Paul Kaiser recently rekindled his association with Toy2R to issue forth several colorways of his new interpretation of the 5-inch Mini Bear Qee: "Pandaimyo." The varying colors of armor actually denote which clan they are from: brown being Mountain Clan, blue for a Royal Guard member, white indicating the Spirit Clan and red for Fire Clan members. The figures even come with a rather elaborate backstory:

The Panda warrior who descended from this mountain home in China, crossed Korea honing his skills as he travelled. Then one day he landed at Itoshima and travelled across Japan, fighting his way and gaining a following of ronin and ashigaru warriors eager to follow this great warrior and seeking glory of their own. Pandaimyo rose to become a warlord and his offspring became Daimyo of their own clans.

The figures are set to be released shortly, with a retail price of $28 each, but Kaiser has a limited number of each color available as a signed Artist Proofs from his online shop. These AP versions also include a unique hand-written haiku on the back of the packaging, as well as a JPK sticker, for the price of £20 (approx. $32) each. Or you can buy an AP set of all four — which are signed & numbered to only ten copies, also with the haiku and sticker — for £80 (roughly $125).


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