Posted by specialK August 13, 2012

Last spring, Lego had a big party to celebrate its 50 year anniversary in Japan. For the "Build Up Japan" celebration, sections of a Lego map were placed in six different regions in Japan where more than 5,000 children built on the base maps. After each Lego island was compleated, they were shipped off to Tokyo to complete the Lego map of Japan. 

With the help of their parents & Lego employees, the children built their vision for a future Japan. There are towering buildings, tradional pagodas and ships off the shores. All this map needs is some serious Kaiju to knock it all down & leave the cities in ruins. I mean, this is Japan! They can't leave it up forever & I think tearing it down with some monsters would be a cool nod to Japanese culture.  Take a look at the photos of the finished product - you know I'm right! 

All photos courtesy of "Build Up Japan" 's facebook page

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