Posted by Miranda August 07, 2012

Friday night (08.03.12) saw myplasticheart open their latest Group show, Signs of the Apocalypse. Curated by Lou Pimental, the show brought together 30 top artists, to create art under the theme of the show title (Signs of the Apocalypse). 

"The Mayans believe that the world will end in 2012, and with so many things going wrong in the world; tsunamis, earthquakes, global warming, flocks of birds/schools of fish mysteriously buying the farm; one can’t help but think about it. What do you consider to be a sign of the Apocalypse? I invited some of my favorite artists to translate, and give life to the fears living in their heads. ”  said Lou.

The opening was jam packed with artists and fans alike, but if you weren't able to get down there, don't worry, the show is up until September 2nd.

You can purchase some of the remaining pieces here 

- Fang Ling Lee

- Fang with Hip Hop legend  Dj Jazzy Joyce and GQ model Lawrence Annuziata.

Artist List: 64 Colors, Glenn Arthur, Jon Beer, Jonathan Bergeron, Mathew Curran, Dacosta,! DrilOne, Steven Daily, Christopher de Leon (TrueVisuals), Kelly Denato, Deph, Leontine Greenberg, Julia Griffin,  KaNO,  Ken Keirns,  Jeremiah Ketner,  Kit Lane,  Yuri Leonov,  Fang Ling Lee,  Jason Limon,  Aaron Meshon,  Brent Nolasco,  Ruel Pascual,  Lou Pimentel,  Matt Rota,  Allison Sommers,  Tatiana Suarez,  Leonardo Villaseñor,  Joseph Wu,  Chloe Yingst.

[Photos by Aaron Meshon and Fang Ling Lee

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