Posted by specialK August 07, 2012

Stranger Factory is living up to its name with 4 solo exhibitions "that explore the magic and mystery of otherworldly creatures."  Travis Lampe shows his new collection of 2D work in "The Pit of Unease" . Full of wizards and lots of creatures with no bones in their limbs, Travis' creatures really do look like they are from a Pit of Unease. I mean, they can't be comfortable with no bones. Here are 2 pieces that will be featured in "Pit" 

Owl Attack

Wiz Time

Sculpting duo Doubleparlour are showing their new work in "Anomie". 

Sylvie and Catrinette


I like Doubleparlour's work the best. Their hybrid mutants look sick - mentally, physically or possibly both. 

Jon MacNair's work definitely tells a story. He sets up the characters and leaves you to fll in the blanks. His show is called "Mystic Visions".

The last show in this group is Joel Nakamura's "Kaiju Vs. Yokai" Japanese cinema is notorious for Kaiju (strange monsters) & Yokai are the supernatural beings often found in Japanese folklore. I love it all, but I have to go with Kaiju on this one. I love the  monsters! Joel's paintings are his own interpretations of Gojira, Ultraman, Astro Boy (not my favorite) and of course the big man himself, Godzilla. 

"The Pit of Unease", "Anomie", "Mystic Visions" & "Kaiju Vs. Yokai" will be showing at the Stranger Factory 9/7 - 10/22. If you're around get there. The previews look great.

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