Posted by Andrew Hayward August 11, 2012

Previously only available in a black-and-white paperback format, the first entry in Bryan Lee O'Malley's beloved Scott Pilgrim graphic novel series -- Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life -- has been re-released this week as a special hardcore Color Edition. Not only does the sturdy edition feature freshly-colored and touched-up artwork, but the pages themselves are also much larger than in the original.

Priced at $24.99, the first book also includes numerous pages of bonus content, including concept art and the original story pitch to publisher Oni Press. Beyond the standard edition, Oni also has an Evil Edition priced at $40.00, which features an exclusive cover and was previously sold early at San Diego Comic-Con. The second book in the series will follow this November, while the third and fourth entries are slated for 2013, with the last two following in 2014.

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