Posted by Erica August 10, 2012

Hey Clutter readers, get this, Adidas has got together with NASH MONEY to put out "The Social Media Shoe". Now this is interesting. The shoe integrates arduino  unit (a single-board microcontroller and a software suite for programming it), LCD display, and LED lighting to produce a sneaker worthy of its own Twitter Account. You can even tweet the sneaker HERE

"The London 2012 Olympic Games is ‘the most social Games’ – there were over 9.66 million tweets for the opening ceremony alone, more than the entire duration of the 2008 Beijing Games. To celebrate this unprecedented social activity, adidas has created the Social Media Shoe. With customiser NASH Money, adidas has teched out a 2012 adidas Barricade tennis sneaker – turning a phone into a shoe. Fans tweeting athletes, athletes tweeting fans, and now an adidas sneaker that let’s fans tweet athletes while they’re on the court. This is a one-off concept sneaker, but poses the intriguing question of what the future might hold for social media and sports."

What’s inside the shoe?

- Arduino unit built into the shoe

- External LCD to display information to user

- Personalised software that polls the Twitter API's to share specific data on the shoe screen (it's actively watching hashtags and mentions of itself.)

- Currently the shoe is sat in the adidas media lounge - Feel free to tweet it @adidasbarricade see if it tweets back!

- Tricked out LED lighting embedded into the three stripes of the shoe - Colours controllable by remote control.

- One off case for a Samsung tablet (Galaxy Tab) made from adidas Barricade shoe materials

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